Success with Hearing Aids – Interview with Dr. Dennis Van Vliet

Recently, Darren Barkman, MA, BC-HIS, editor of the Starting Hear blog, sat down with Dr. Dennis Van Vliet, to discuss how people can be successful wearing hearing aids.  Dr. Van Vliet has been providing better hearing for over forty years, in private practice as an audiologist, a noted researcher and lecturer, and now as a […]

A Honey Jar Full of Hearing Aids

I can still see him shuffling his way down the hall to my exam room.  Tom (not his real name) was certainly eccentric.  Long graying hair that was rarely combed properly.  A large belly protruding from an old faded button-down shirt detailing his previous meals for everyone to see.  And the stories he would tell! […]

Welcome to Starting Hear – the Official Blog of Hear For You!

  Thanks for visiting our new blog!  In the days to come, we’ll feature useful information on a variety of topics related to better hearing and hearing health care.      The facts about hearing loss in America are stunning:   1 in 3 people over the age of 60 have hearing loss. 1 in […]

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