I HIGHLY recommend “HEAR FOR YOU”!! I have had an increasing hearing loss for a number of years, so I am well acquainted with hearing tests, hearing aid providers, and hearing aids. “HEAR FOR YOU” is the first TRULY customer-oriented provider I have encountered. They are friendly and accommodating, but more importantly, they take the time to ensure that their customers are fully tested, AND fully informed. The testing I received from Melissa Cannellos (Hearing Instrument Specialist) was much more comprehensive than the tests I have received in the past. Even though I arrived at “HEAR FOR YOU” knowing which hearing aid I wanted, she spent a great deal of time explaining the instrument’s functions and answering my questions. She even helped me download the app to my phone and made sure that everything was connected and functioning properly before I left. I should probably mention that I (finally) have hearing aids that really sound as if I'm not wearing any and can just hear normally again (the Starkey, Genesis AI 24, is amazing).
Jeremy Rase, on Google
The folks at Hear For You on Altamont Avenue are great to work with. I have been wearing hearing aids for about 5 years now. This is my second pair, first pair with HFY. Dana, the audiologist I have been working with is exceptionally knowledgeable and has been very helpful with the selection and setup of my new hearing aids. The receptionist Michelle always manages to get me an appointment promptly whenever I need an adjustment or have a question. I would recommend Hear For You to anyone without hesitation.
CW Hebert, on Google
Melissa was great. Had a very good hearing test. She was very experienced and did a fantastic job in adjusting my hearing aids to meet my changing hearing issues!
David Molik, on Google
Hear for you is the best audiology company I have used. For 30 years I have been using hearing aids. The last 5 years with Hear for you in Schenectady NY have been great. I highly recommend this company.
william ciampolillo, on Google
Melissa and Michelle are the consummate professionals with an attractive concern for clients. I enjoyed their services and trusted them.0
joan wentworth, on Google

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