I I am visiting New York from Florida. I just got new hearing aids a week before I flew here. One of my hearing aids wasn’t working and I lost the dome trying to troubleshoot and clean my filter on my right hearing aid. It still wasn’t working and my audiologist in Florida suggested taking it somewhere here. I took my hearing aids to hear for you and Schenectady. They were wonderful and fix my hearing aid and put a better dome on it. I would definitely recommend them for anyone that needs an audiologist.
Danielle Gage, on Google
The evaluation of my hearing seemed to be very thorough, as each range of my hearing was evaluated several times and in several different ways. The outcome/summary rang true based on my personal experience. The technician was very patient, attentive, and personable. There is not much more I could've hoped for.
Sylvia Ives, on Google
A friend who uses this Hear for You office (for hearing aid services) recommended them to me because she feels they are wonderful. I was there for a baseline test as others in my family have had, or do have, hearing aids. I arrived early for my A friend who uses Hear for You for hearing aid services and she recommended them to me because she feels they are wonderful. and they very kindly squeezed me in since it was a baseline exam. The office was clean and neat, the audiologist was friendly and knowledgeable, and I gladly recommend them for anyone!
Kathy Penfold, on Google
Very thorough evaluation and understanding of my issues with Tinnitus. Thank you Dana!!
Lisa McGrath, on Google
I was unable to be tested as there Was wax in one esr that could not be removed st the office.,was advised to contact my primary care physician for wax removal.,
Pamela Rost, on Google

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